To have sober employees, a breathalyser isn’t enough.

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Estimates blood alcohol content (BAC)
Identifies the person
Protects information
Uninterrupted service
Did you know?

If an accident occurs and alcohol is found in a deceased employee’s blood, the company’s social insurance tax rate automatically increases. Learn more →

Value of the system

No worries

This is an automated alcohol screening system that identifies employees via facial recognition technology and checks if they are sober before entering the workplace, and then at the end of work-hours.

How does it work?

Metrologically tested equipment is installed at the client’s site(s) free of charge.

Regular sobriety testing of employees at the start and end of work begins.

If an employee fails a sobriety test, the system notifies the responsible persons by SMS.

A comfortable user interface, allows users to review and export needed data: not only the sobriety readings, but also arrival and departure times of employees.

The team makes sure the equipment is always functional: they remotely monitor its status and periodically perform calibration and metrological testing.

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